Frontend Developer

Deutz AG (Mechanical Engineering) 2022, 3 months The exisiting configuration frontend is implemented with Angular. Integrate an external 3D service which can be reached via a JavaScript API. The 3D image is to be rendered in its own component within the configuration application. Extend Angular Frontend to include 3D views from external service Integrate with…

Senior Backend Developer (cloud)

MAN AG (Automotive) 2021, 4 months Design and implement and image service with AWS S3 integration. Integrate 3D Image generator service. Offer REST API and automatic scheduling. Design & Specification Implement as Spring boot application Test via Docker compose infrasturcture using S3 Test Framework Publish as Docker artifact for cloud deployment

Senior Fullstack Developer

MAN AG (Automotive) 2018, 3 years Fullstack development of a configurator application using CAS Merlin configurator. Reimplement Frontend and adjust Backend to fit needs and integrate a whole range of system. The live configurator runs on 150+ servers. Organize technical workshops Advise on design and specification Frontend and Backend development (50/50) Integration of whole range…

Senior Java Developer

Daimler Trucks (Automotive) 2016, 6 months Implement a lead cockpit for the sales team. Lead aquisation via Web (Typo3), Fax, Mail etc. Management cockpit to follow up on contacts. New application based on JSF and Tomcat. Also integrate chinese subsidary via a server hired with mainland china and connected via VPN. Workshops to gather use…

Senior Developer

KVV (transport) 2015, 1 year Relaunch of the KVV website. Implement a high-availabity cluster using DRBD, HA-Proxy, Corosync. Manage Project. Organize workshops on uses cases and technical details Implement Kerberos for single-sign-on Install and maintain high availability linux cluster Manage deadlines and development tickets